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An Intro to NanoString Technologies at Georgetown: Multiplexed, Direct Digital Quantification of DNA, RNA, and/or Proteins and Spatial Profiling of RNA and Proteins
NanoString Technologies is utilized for bulk profiling of mRNA, miRNA, lncRNA, fusion genes, DNA, and/or Proteins using the nCounter technology, or spatial profiling of RNA and/or Proteins using the GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler.
This powerful technology is now available for use at Georgetown University!

NanoString's nCounter technology provides highly multiplexed, direct, digital expression data of mRNA, miRNA, lncRNA, fusion genes, DNA, and/or Proteins.
Profile up to 800 targets simultaneously, workflow completed in less than 1.5 days, with no amplification, no library prep, no RT reactions required for standard protocols. Simple, streamlined data analysis solutions are available using our free nSolver software, and the technology is currently featured in >4,000 publications. Compatible with Total RNA, FFPE, cell lysate, PBMC, plasma, serum and more.

Join us for this special webinar for Georgetown University researchers to learn more about this powerful platform available for use on campus.

Applications include:
- Spatial Profiling of 100s of Proteins in Fresh Frozen, FFPE, or TMA samples
- Spatial RNA up to Whole Transcriptome analysis for Human and Mouse FFPE, TMA, or Fresh Frozen tissues
- Customizable, pre-built gene expression profiling panels for a variety of application areas including: oncology, immunology, inflammation, infectious disease, COVID-19 research, neuroscience, CAR-T, autoimmune diseases, metabolic profiling, fibrosis, immune profiling, and much more.
- microRNA discovery panels for Human, Mouse and Rat.
- Custom gene expression panel design for discovery or validation projects in any species.
- Low Input solutions for samples down to 1ng of RNA.
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